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Online survey

Incurably Queer?
Experiences with Anti-Queer Attitudes in Germany

This survey addresses people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, inter, queer, non-binary, aromantic, asexual or as part of this community. For all of these different people we use the term queer as umbrella term. We survey people who live in the Federal Republic of Germany or who reside here on a regular basis and who are at least 18 years old.

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Funded by the Federal Centre for Health Education at the behest of the Federal Ministry of Health

Time and again, queer people’s existence is questioned and they are devalued. Many experience pressure from peers to adapt their sexual orientation and/or gender identity to social notions. This survey is set to provide an initial overview over the attitudes that are conveyed in that context but also the actions and measures that are proposed and implemented in Germany. The survey current experiences but also experiences from respondents’ childhood and youth.

We are also interested in so-called conversion measures, that is attempts to change the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of queer people in such a way that they comply with the social notion of cis-heterosexuality or that they live in a cis-heterosexual way.

Time needed to participate

You need approximately 35 - 50 minutes to answer the following questions.


All data is collected anonymously. It cannot be matched to a specific person and will be treated strictly confidential. You can find the details of our data protection provisions for the survey here.

Note on Participation

Answering the questions of this survey is voluntary and you may abandon the survey at any time. You may also skip individual questions, if you do not want to answer them or they do not apply to you. You may also interrupt and continue the survey at a later time. You will find instructions on how to answer the online survey here.

Help and Support

You may remember uncomfortable or stressful situations when answering this survey. Do not hesitate to get in touch with support centers and to get counseling which is available here.

We would be happy, if you could pass on the link to this survey to other queer people. The more people participate in the survey, the more exact and the more conclusive its results will be.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Klemens Ketelhut by mail at (

The information you provide is important and valuable.
We very much appreciate the time you commit to this survey!

Dr. Klemens Ketelhut,
Project Lead


With your information we create the basis to improve and enhance support and counseling services for queer people. In addition, we provide important indicators for the political work by, with and for queer people regarding an update of the Act to Protect against Conversion Treatments

You can find more information on this survey here.