Insights into the research

The online survey “Incurably Queer? – Experiences with Anti-Queer Attitudes in Germany” is part of the research project “Konversionsbehandlungen: Kontexte. Praktiken. Biografien.” (Conversion Treatments: Contexts. Practices. Biographies.) which started in October 2022 as a pilot project on conversion treatments in Germany. 

Conversion treatments are attempts to change the sexual orientation and/or gender identity of queer people in such a way that they comply with the social notion of cis-heterosexuality or that they live in a cis-heterosexual way. Often, these measures are linked to religious beliefs. However, they also appear in a medical, psychotherapy and/or counseling contexts. Sometimes they are also called conversion therapies.

Several studies have confirmed that these measures pose a health risk and may trigger depression and suicide. Conversion treatments are prohibited in Germany since 2020. You can find more information on the law and the underlying expert opinions as well as the study here.

The results of the project are set to lead to the introduction of measures for the prevention of conversion measures and to improve support offers for those affected.

This study is therefore set to collect information on crucial issues concerning the experience of queer people with relevant attitudes and actions in Germany. This study is supplemented with interviews with survivors of conversion measures and experts.

Once the research has been completed, results will be published here, among others.

Key-Visual der Online-Befragung "Unheilbar Queer?"